This is A Labour of Love – a podcast about the world of work for civil society and trade union actors in Africa.

Join me and Zwelethu Jolobe, Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Cape Town, as we answer these questions and more in episode 1, focusing on South Africa elections 2024

  • What defines a political party, and what role does money play? 
  • How can ordinary people evaluate a party’s performance?
  • What do election outcomes reveal about our democracy?
  • Is pro-poor politics possible? 
  • How crucial is COSATU to the ANC? 
  • How should we understand the changes to the electoral law allowing for a third ballot? 
  • What predictions can we make for the elections and the future of South African politics?
  • How does politics in South Africa differ from other African countries?


Host: Trenton Elsley

Producer: Zanele Chakela

Episode 1: Power and Politics: Navigating South Africa’s Electoral Landscape

Trenton Elsely

Trenton Elsley is the Executive Director of the Labour Research Service. Trenton’s interests include democracy, civil society, the politics of trade union organisation and representation, the world of work and multinational companies.

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